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You are more than your story

& your diagnoses of infertility.

The problem is the rate of families trying to start a family with the diagnoses of infertility is increasing. 

1-in-5 women are unable to get pregnant after one year of trying.


1-in4 women have difficulty getting pregnant or carrying a pregnancy to term. 


The other issue which is a ripple effect from the problem stated above is the cost to attempt starting a family with the diagnoses of infertility.


On average (although it differs from state to state) the cost for IVF per round differs from $8,000-$20,000 per cycle and does not have a guaranteed to be successful.  

Average adoption cost (also state to state dependent and agency dependent) goes from $20,000-$45,000.

This is a PROBLEM. For the couples who want to have a family but have the unfortunate diagnoses of infertility this adds a whole new layer of stress to the equation. These individuals who struggle with infertility did not choose this diagnosis. 

Social Media Posts _edited.jpg

Help us,

help those

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