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Hello, my name is Kenzie Kelley and my husband is Shane Adams. We were lucky enough to be each others high school sweet heart. We met when we were 14. Just a year before that I was diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Insufficiency (POI). I nice term for early menopause. I had hot flashes, forget fullness, weight gain, you name it. I related to all my friends moms and grandmothers.


I never actually understood the depth of grief that came with my diagnoses, not until much later after Shane and I had married and several piers were beginning to start their families is when I experienced another form of grief with my infertility diagnosis.


I always knew my story was unique, and I had an opportunity to share my story to help others. I created this idea of owning a non-profit foundation with my mom and my husband to give back to those who can relate. I want to give to others financially but I also want to expand to give to others in ways I can only dream of.

Meet the Board of Directors

Here below is a list of our wonderful board members for Whole Foundation

Meet Our Staff

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