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Who We Are


Hello, my name is Kenzie Kelley and my husband is Shane Adams. We were lucky enough to be each others high school sweet hearts. We met when we were 14. Just a year before that I was diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Insufficiency (POI) which is a nice term for early menopause. I had hot flashes, forgetfullness, weight gain, you name it. I related to all my friends moms and grandmothers.


I never actually understood the depth of grief that came with my diagnoses, not until much later after Shane and I had married and several peers were beginning to start their families is when I experienced another form of grief with my infertility diagnosis.


I always knew my story was unique, and I had an opportunity to share my story to help others. I created this idea of owning a non-profit foundation with my mom and my husband to give back to those who can relate. I want to give to others financially but I also want to expand to give to others in ways I can only dream of.

Our Staff

Kenzie Kelley/CEO/Founder: My Bio is above!

Heather Kelley/Creative Director: Heather Kelley has been married for 28 years and shares 5 children with her best friend Shawn Kelley. Within last 25 years Heather has held  several leadership roles with non profits and volunteered her time within multiple organizations. She has had the privilege to walk the infertility journey with her daughter Kenzie and is honored to be apart of the Whole Foundation Co. Heather looks forward to having a front row seat in blessing families with the work that the Whole Foundation sets out to accomplish.

The Board Of Advisors

Christina Meyer/Board of Advisor Member:

The Board Of Directors

Shane Adams/Board Member: Shane Adams My name is Shane Adams. I was born and raised in Snellville GA. I married my high school sweet heart Kenzie Kelley at 18 and joined the Army. I am a medical lab technician as trained by the Army. The Army sent Kenzie and I to Texas first followed by Colorado for 4 years where I worked at Evans Army Community Hospital. We spent much of our time hiking, exploring, snowboarding and traveling the western United States. I love getting out and seeing new things. I still work in the lab just just for Northeast Georgia Physicians Group. I am so incredibly proud of Kenzie and what she has created with Whole Foundation Co and can not wait for what the future holds for her and the lives she will change!

Savannah Gomez/Board Member: I am a special education teacher who works with kids between the ages of 14 and 22 with moderate intellectual disabilities. These kids have completely changed my perspective on what parenthood looks like for others and for myself in the future. Every parental journey is to be valued and treasured and my hope with serving on the board of the Whole Foundation is to bring awareness and aid to those who wish to be parents, those who are, and those who have parenting experiences that look different from the “norm.” All families deserve to feel whole at any and all stages!

Alicia Adams/Board Member: My name is Alicia and I am a teacher as well as a parent to one daughter. My experience as a parent has profoundly changed me. It is my inspiration for serving this foundation. I believe in the mission, vision, and passion of the Whole Foundation. I desire for people to find hope and healing as they connect with this nonprofit. It is such an honor to be a part of this amazing team!

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