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Our Mission

Our mission is to comfort the conversation on infertility, aid research, bless couples who are trying to grow their family with the diagnoses of infertility and provide a community for those who are affected by the subject of infertility.


Whole Foundation Co. is a 501c3 non-profit organization created to bring awareness, help, and conversation around infertility.  Our foundation has big plans and big goals for the future. At the core we want to help those who might be losing hope with creating a family. The founder of Whole Foundation holds a unique story with infertility. She simply wants to positively influence as many families and individuals as possible on this earth. Please feel free to adventure around Whole Foundations website to continue learning about Whole Foundation and what our dreams are! 

The Problem

The problem that we as a society are facing is the large increase of infertility among us.

1-in4 women have difficulty getting pregnant or carrying a pregnancy to term. 

In return, those who do not have a choice of the diagnoses of infertility have to go about starting family where it is highly expensive and most times unaffordable, to start a family.

Our Opportunity

Our opportunity to help those who need help is to financially grant those who are more financially unfortunate starting a family with the diagnoses of infertility.

We also saw a gap in the system with there being little to no community surrounding this subject. We do not have to be a one-stop-shop for those going through this journey. We want to be with you in every phase of your infertility journey. We want to expand in having resources to provide those in whatever step you are in.




We want to donate our proceeds to infertility based research centers to help the future of infertility. We also want to grant couples who are trying to grow their family with the diagnoses of infertility in the now. There are so many other ways we want to use our donations to create an awareness and community towards to topic of infertility.

Raise Awareness 

Through everything we do weather it is with our products in our store that we sell, our educational blog, the fundraising events we host, the podcast we sponsor and so much more, we simple want to bring awareness to those who are unaware about the light of infertility.

Access to Help

We want to create a way for couple or individuals to have access to help with a licensed psychologist to bring aid wherever you are in your infertility journey.


Our goal is to create a community where couples going through infertility and individuals with the diagnoses of infertility have the safe space to feel welcomed, understood, and create connection with those who are in similar situations. To feel whole.


We are creating a program called Coffee & Conversation where you can sign up to host a Coffee & Conversation event. They are meant to create a safe space for couples and individuals to find connection and allow exposure to Whole Foundation Co. and what we do. It is also a form of fundraising so we have the chance to bless couples financially. It is also meant to create a way to spread education and awareness within the world of infertility.

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